Button Maker

I love making link back buttons/codes for websites so I decided to offer a button making service. You can view a selection of buttons I have made here. Please continue reading for more information and how to apply.

If you need some buttons or banners for your site you can request them in this forum.

Rules and Guidelines

1) Please use the provided request form listed below.

2) You may request a maximum of 20 small buttons or 5 large banners and for one site at a time. If I have time I may make extra buttons for you, however, this depends on availablity and isn't guaranteed.

3) Each site can only request buttons once per month.

4) Each individual site owner is limited to 2 open requests at one time.

5) I aim to complete requests within 7-14 days and if there is a delay I will inform you via email.

6) Please credit any buttons created by me to ruby-wings.net.

7) I will make buttons for any type of sites, any subject including mature content. However, please do not give away any spoilers for books/tv shows/movies/games/etc!


Before you submit an application please read the following glossary of key terms:

Colour Preferences: Any colour? Colours that match your layout? Hate pink? Mention all of that here.

Text Preferences: What text do you want on the button? Remember that small buttons can only hold so much text so consider shortening or using initials i.e. for Ruby Wings I use 'RW' or 'RW.net'.

Image Preferences: If there is a specific image/s you want used or anything else related to images please state it here. For example; if your site is based on something like Harry Potter which is a book series adapted into filns let me know if you do not want film images used.

Border: Do you want 1 border, 2 borders or no borders? Any specific colour?

Anything else?: I want to fit with your preferences as much as possible but remember not to go overboard with your specifics!