Welcome to Ruby Jade, the graphics and resource site of Heather known in the online world as artisticchardon, jadedlioness and Kaelea. I run a variety of websites, including my personal domain is Ruby Wings.net. You can read more about me over there, but to sum myself up I'm a geek that believes in Paganism, loves Star Wars, World of Warcraft, roleplaying and reading. I've been creating graphics for years, slowly progressing to the stage where I actually feel confident enough to open my own graphics site. Yes, this is my very first one so go easy on me ;)

News & Updates

29th June 2016 - As you can see from the lack of updates in over a year this site has been put on hold. I've still been updating my Screenshot Gallery with lots of new screenshots from new games, including Overwatch, Half Life 2, Heroes of the Storm, and the beta test for the next World of Warcraft Expansion: Legion.

I'm also still open to button requests and have been adding new buttons made to my donated buttons list. However, bigger graphic requests are closed for now. I've been working on other online projects namely My Blog and My new Youtube channel! You can keep up to date with me at my twitter account: rubywingsblog and my main website Ruby Wings.net.


26th January 2015 - New screenshots added to the gallery from World of Warcraft, Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Inquisition.


18th May 2014 - Last month I finished my first Button Maker request for Monika at Say Hi.org which you can view here. New scans will be coming over the summer.


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